Music on Hold via FreeBSD Server

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Thu Dec 30 15:27:59 PST 2004

WMC wrote:

> At 03:51 PM 12/30/2004, Martes Wigglesworth wrote:
>> Have you considered Asterisk as the PBX backend?  What are you 
>> using?  Sorry for the questions, however, I am just curious, how you 
>> have applied FreeBSD to a production telephony solution.
> We're just a little five person shop with a Panasonic KXTD-816 
> mini-pbx  (with more & better features than big Rolm, Lucent, Mitel, 
> etc systems, 

Yes, the digital Panasonic key systems are nice... all you want is a 
simple frontend to play the audio/music and voice overs so check out 
cplay, its a very light weight curses front end that you can use just 
about any player with it (i use splay with it). It's in ports under 
audio/cplay and should only take about 10 miniutes to learn the 
commands.... start cplay move to the directory with the audio and add 
the audio to the playlist using "a" then hit "tab" to get into playlist 
mode then hit "r" for repeat and "R" Random then hit enter and walk 
away. below is default cplay rc edit...just copy and paste it, the main 
website is here:

 > more ~/.cplayrc

    FrameOffsetPlayer("ogg123 -q -v -k %d %s", "\.ogg$"),
    FrameOffsetPlayer("splay -f -k %d %s", "(^http://|\.mp[123]$)", 38.28),
    FrameOffsetPlayer("mpg123 -q -v -k %d %s", "(^http://|\.mp[123]$)", 
    FrameOffsetPlayer("mpg321 -q -v -k %d %s", "(^http://|\.mp[123]$)", 
    TimeOffsetPlayer("madplay -v --no-tty-control 
--display-time=remaining -s %d %s", "\.mp[123]$"),
    NoOffsetPlayer("mikmod -q -p0 %s", 
    NoOffsetPlayer("xmp -q %s", 
    NoOffsetPlayer("play %s", "\.(aiff|au|cdr|mp3|ogg|wav)$"),
    NoOffsetPlayer("speexdec %s", "\.spx$")


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