Music on Hold via FreeBSD Server

Tim Pozar pozar at
Thu Dec 30 12:49:16 PST 2004

WMC wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have an existing FreeBSD 5.x server I'm trying to use to feed music or 
> announcements on-hold into our phone system (yeah - I know the 
> legalities of using copyrighted stuff.)
> I installed a sound card, wired it up, and hacked together a simple 
> little script to run the mpg123 package to continuously playback a few 
> mp3 files.
> Couple questions:
> * What command-line program would you suggest for playing uncompressed 
> audio files in this scenario?  There are hundreds of entries in Ports,  
> and I'd rather not spend a month trying them all.
> * Has anyone else done something similar to this, and would you care to 
> share a script to keep it running continuously?
> -Thanks,
>      Wayne

I have one that I use for my 10mW FM station that I pipe around the 
house.  It does back announcments, news, timechecks and is a bit smart 
on what it plays.  You can see it at:

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