Pyun YongHyeon yongari at kt-is.co.kr
Wed Dec 15 19:21:43 PST 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 09:17:56AM +0100, Matej wrote:
 > hi,
 > i have been browsing this list's archive and found only two threads on 
 > this sound card chip and both about picking up work and about continuing 
 > to develop the driver. I've also been googling around but found no 
 > usable answers. So I got to irc and I was told to try OSS which supports 
 > my sound card. But on linux OSS is said to be poor quality so I would 
 > prefer not to use it if possible.
 > So is there any progress of native support? Where to look? What to try?

FreeBSD has no driver for ICE1712(Envy24)/ICE1724(Envy24HT).
Fortunatly, it seems that there are public data sheet. So I
guess it's time to write a new driver.  
Quick looking the sheet shows that it has no DMA address limits
on which most cheap cards impose. So it is possible to use the
card on sparc64 too.
If I have more time I'd like to write the driver for Envy24.
Due to lack of time and the audio H/W, it's hard for me to
write the driver.

At present, your best bet would be commercial OSS driver of
4Front Tech. Their driver is now free for "personal and
non-commercial use". But I don't know how well it supports
Envy24 in FreeBSD.

 > Thanks for any answer,
 > Matej
Pyun YongHyeon
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