Recommendation for FreeBSD 5.3 TV-Out capable card?

Robert Krten root at
Thu Dec 9 19:17:40 PST 2004

I tried this in freebsd-x11, but no luck; can anyone here help?

I'm looking for a recommendation for a TV-out capable video card for the
Amd64 architecture on FreeBsd 5.3 (I've googed, posted in news, no luck).

I currently have an NVidia, but NVidia doesn't provide Amd64 drivers, and the
ones that come with X don't correctly handle the TV-out aspect.

I have an old ATI Rage II card with TV-out, but the drivers don't handle the
TV-out aspect correctly either.

I'm willing to buy an older card, or a brand new one, hopefully under $200 -- my
ultimate goal is to create a "video jukebox".

TV-in capture and tuning would just be icing on the cake! :-)

Thanks in advance!
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