multiple burners

Tim Aslat tim at
Wed Apr 28 15:32:56 PDT 2004

In the immortal words of Julian Elischer <julian at>...
> well of course we run 4 copies of cdrecord at once..

That makes sense

> you won't find a single program to burn 4 at once..

Apparently not under BSD/Linux anyhow

> we run them from some perl scripts..

Good choice

> with atapi drives, you can run more than one copy of burncd..
> each using a different drive..
> I must be missing something.. isn't this umm, "obvious"?

Yes it is, but I was hoping to save a few system resources and do it
from one process, which apparently isn't possible, which is why I asked
on this list just in case my information was wrong.

Cheers & thanks for the head's up.


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