multiple burners

soralx at soralx at
Tue Apr 27 22:46:12 PDT 2004

> In the immortal words of Julian Elischer <julian at>...
> > we run 4 at once (both CD and DVD)
> > using scsi and firewitre attached drives..
> > we use cdrecord..
> I only need to run 2 simultaneously, however I can't find a
> cdrecord/burncd command option for more than one device.  Using
> multiple -f parameters on burncd only results in the last one being
> used, unless I'm missing something.  And I couldn't get cdrecord to
> acknowledge more than 1 burner either (using atapicam).
> What command line are you using for your setup if you don't mind me
> asking?

OK, so you need  to write the same data to 2 discs simultaneously using
one cdrecord/burncd process. I don't think that is possible in FBSD (I
hope I'm wrong). Why don't you just write a simple scripts that launches
2 processes to writing the same .iso?

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