Analog Devices integrated audio card problem

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Wed Apr 7 10:47:34 PDT 2004

P.V. wrote:

>I'm not using it as a server. I got a really good deal on it and I wanted a
>new FreeBSD machine. Everything works well except for sound. The interesting
>thing is, FreeSBIE the FreeBSD live CD works excellent with my
>machine...sound and all. I tried to load everything they load, but still no
FreeSBIE-1.0 is based on FreeBSD 5.2.1, Try upgrading? 5.1 is rather old 
and buggy anyways... I'm running 5.2.1 on all my new installs and it's 
quite nice. The only way I can get the kernel to panic is when I run 
"sysctl hw.snd.maxautovchans=n" with only the pcm kld loaded.

One of these days I might even get around to sending in the backtrace. :-)
anyone need this btw? I can put it higher on my todo list

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