terratec valuetv card

pierpaolo.bruno-0574 at poste.it pierpaolo.bruno-0574 at poste.it
Mon Apr 5 12:42:47 PDT 2004

I forgot subject and attachment

Hi, I found that bktr in Freebsd 5.2.1 does not support actually terratec tv 
card of type terravalue or derived (terravalue radio).
The problem many people and I had is that you can see Image but you can not 
hear nothing.
This card are very common in Italy.
Basing on work made by Tanja Wittkeed with patch number 53383 I modified 
btrk_cards.c and btrk_cards.h for getting it work with more cards of that 
In attachment you see the diff file.

Bye and hope it is usefull

thanks to Tanja who really solved the problem. 

Pier Paolo
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