XMMS and mplayer lag when changing tracks or seeking

Baldur Gislason baldur at foo.is
Sun Apr 4 06:29:50 PDT 2004

I just set up a new machine with 5.2.1-RELEASE, and installed the latest xmms 
and mplayer from ports.
Problem is that when changing tracks in the playlist or seeking through tracks 
in both xmms and mplayer the sound lags half a second.
This also happens when I press stop, the display in xmms says it's stopped but 
the audio keeps going for a second.
The machine has an AOpen AK77 motherboard, AMD AthlonXP barton 2500+ (1.83GHz) 
and 1GB DDR ram, with a Sound Blaster Live card.
I never had this problem on my old machine running 5.1-REL or the one before 
that with 4.6-STABLE, all had the same sound card.
If I recall correctly I also have this problem on my laptop with 5.2-REL
What can be causing this? Are there any audio buffers I can make smaller or 
something? When I press the pause button in xmms the audio stops instantly.


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