gtkgep & audio latency

Tobias Eichert te at
Sun Apr 4 03:49:45 PDT 2004

On Sunday 04 April 2004 14:14, Atte Peltomaki wrote:
> Hello!
> I recently installed gtkgep (/usr/ports/audio/gtkgep, realtime guitar
> effects processor) and it compiled fine. But when I tried it, there's
> 1 second lag! I've been told that's simply because that's the way
> FreeBSD's audio code is, high-latency. Is this true? If it is, does
> anyone care fixing it? Or should I just save some money for a real amp

someone posted a link to a patch for the DSP code in FreeBSD a few weeks 

It should work well with the 5.2.1-RELEASE branch.
In my case, it made the gaps between selecting tracks in XMMS go away.


ps: Anyways, I guess something like ALSA would be the best for the job. Or 
Apple's CoreAudio ;-)

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