SPDIF capture device?

Richard Hodges rh at matriplex.com
Wed Sep 24 09:59:37 PDT 2003

Hi, all!

I am looking for something unusual.  I want to capture SPDIF subframes.
These are the 32-bit building blocks of an SPDIF stream.  I don't really
care if the device parses the B, M, and W preamble codes, but it should
definitely leave the other 28 bits intact.  I will parse out the sample
and the subcode channel bits in software.  (In fact, that is the whole

The perfect device would be a PCI card with an SPDIF input, and a simple
setup to initiate DMA into a block of memory, but I will entertain most
any contraption so long as I can get the SPDIF 32-bit subframes.

The second best would be some PCI card with an SPDIF receiver chip that
allows access to the subcode channel data.  That would be useful, and
"better than nothing".  Unfortunately, a card that only provides PCM
samples would be entirely useless to me.

Does anyone know of any card or conversion device that would do this?  I
would rather not have to buy an expensive data acquisition card, but that
is not out of the question either.



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