Nvidia Dualhead problem/question

Eric Pogroski pogrose at twcny.rr.com
Tue Oct 28 15:46:39 PST 2003

Hi All!

When I boot, or exit X, my primary display (21" Sony) is used for the
console - this is connected to the vga port on the card. If I connect
another monitor to the dvi port on the card (with an adapter), for some
reason, the displays get switched (as so:

   1. Sony (21") gets the 1024x768 display, and is set to 0.1
   2. IBM (17") gets, or attempts to get, the 1600x1200 settings,
   and becomes my 0.0 display

What I'd like to know, or figure out, is how do I keep my primary (0.0)
display set to the vga port all the time? I can't understand why just
plugging a monitor into the dvi port (albeit w/ an adapter) would change
the initialization order of the card's ports, and, how to set it right.

I've attached my XF86Config, and a recent copy of the XFree log.

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