Call for testers: multimedia/nxtvepg

Simon Barner barner at
Wed Oct 22 09:49:34 PDT 2003

> Works beautiful right out of the box on a 4-STABLE system 
> using a Pinnacle PC-TV! Nice work! Database acquisition 
> took some 40 minutes, but I'd guess thats to be expected.

Yes, that's perfectly normal since the EPG protocol transmits those
parts of the tv programme that are to broadcast soon in a higher
> > mandatory for the Electronic Programme Guide) (if there is somebody out
> > there who does meet all the prerequisites and who is wants to become the
> > maintainer of this port, please let me know. It's a bit difficult to check
> > if everything goes otherwise, but I'll do my best).
> I'd rather not step up for maintainer right away, but would
> be happy to help testing!

I think that's a good solution since the author of nxtvepg is nice
enough to include our FreeBSD specific stuff into his source tree such
that porting becomes more and more easy (hopefully that will hold for
the future ;-)

I will wait until somebody tests the port successfully on -CURRENT
before I submit a PR.

Best regards,
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