CALL FOR TESTERS (was Re: recording with the maestro 2e)

Taku YAMAMOTO taku at
Sat Oct 4 19:45:46 PDT 2003


I had finished working on recording stuff of Maestro-{1,2,2E}.

Although the code has been working for a month or two without major issues
here, it absolutely needs more testing to ensure there's no regression.

The new code adds the following features to the stock driver:

 * PCM recording in 16bit mono/stereo format.
 * Adjusts the size of device buffer around 20 millisecs to reduce latency.
 * Reduces power consumption while the device is idle.
 * MPSAFE isr & locking (5.x only, not tested on an SMP machine)
 * Works with less contiguous memory wrt new DMA buffer allocation strategy.

It doesn't address the following things/problems yet:

 * It doesn't work with PT101 codec (found on some Maestro1-based cards.)
 * MPU401 (MIDI) & OPL3 (FM synth) emulation

The attached file is a tarball containing the new driver source code
(without a directory name), compressed with bzip2.

To use it, simply go to /sys/dev/sound/pci, untar the archive to replace
the source and rebuild either your kernel or the module snd_maestro.ko,
depending on your configuration, will (hopefully) work.

I would be very appreciated that many of Maestro users are so kind to give
the new code a test.

Sincerely yours,

-|-__    YAMAMOTO, Taku  <taku at>
 | __ <

Post Scriptum to everyone:
This time I sent a tarball rather than a patch.
It is simply because the patch bloated larger than the tarball. (oh my...)
Sorry for inconvinience, especially folks who don't have any Maestro chip.

Post Scriptum to epilogue:
IIRC I had sent a mail to you with the source recently.
Had the mail got lost?

On Fri, 3 Oct 2003 11:06:04 -0400
otzinger at wrote:
> hello multimedia, mobile,
> i unfortunately didn't get a response from anyone at 'freebsd-questions', so i was
> hoping that someone here might be able to help out.
> i am eager (understatement) to use my laptop as a recording device.  currently, the
> maestro-2e driver does not support recording on freebsd.  during my most recent www
> quest, i turned up the the following...
> the linux driver info from its author: 
> and, more interestingly, the netbsd record enabled maestro-2e man page:
> what do you think about the f-ease-ability of porting the netbsd driver over freebsd?
> or using the linux code?  i am no hacker myself, so...
> MANY thanks to any who reply.
> ciao for now,
> epi
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