Linux port of the Brooktree Soundchip drivers

Alexander Langer alex at
Thu May 29 07:13:51 PDT 2003

I just noticed I put a patch of my very first hackish proof-of-concept
online.  (Good shot in the foot, Alex!)
The actual patch is much cleaner and works much better.  I already
wondered why you got those compile errors.

Thus spake Steve O'Hara-Smith (steve at

> 	Well nothing went wrong, but I was sort of hoping to see
> the bktr audio turn up as pcm1 and mixer1 as a side effect. I know
> I'm an optimist :)

Someone on IRC said he's working on this.  As the Linux driver is able
to attach the chip as a new sound device, it shouldn't be too hard to
Well, maybe I'll do that later if we won't see results.


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