FreeBSD HAM (Amateur Radio) ports

Carl Makin carl at
Mon May 26 23:08:42 PDT 2003

Hi Peter,

On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 02:12 PM, Cornelius, Peter wrote:

> how about a port ;-)) How about a ham section in ports ;-)==)

Kpsk is already in the ports in the "comms" section.  That's the one 
I'm using.  I have a port for Xastir ready, as I suspect does one of 
the main Xastir committers so I guess his will be the official one. :)

I have on my todo list to make ports for QSSTV and GMFSK, both of which 
I have working well under FreeBSD with minimal porting effort.  I'll 
get to them sometime in July I think.

FreeBSD-multimedia is probably not the best place to discuss this.  
There used to be a ham-bsd list at that I think is now 
defunct.  Is there enough interest to resurrect it?


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