Stopping playthru

Carl Makin carl at
Sun May 25 19:03:16 PDT 2003

Hi Daan,

On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 08:49 PM, Daan Vreeken [PA4DAN] wrote:

> On Sunday 25 May 2003 05:24, Carl Makin wrote:
>> really well.  Except for one problem.  It seems sound in via the line
>> in socket is being played through the line out socket, ie it looks 
>> like
>> Can anyone give me a clue on how to disable this please?

> Have you tried to set the line-volume to 0?
> You could do this with : mixer line 0

Then of course I can't receive.  What I have been doing is hitting the 
"mute" on the line in just before starting transmitting but it is a 
royal PITA.

What I need is some way of disabling the audio play through on the card.

Thanks anyway,


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