Transcode: problem converting avi (DivX) to mpg

Randy Pratt rpratt1950 at
Fri May 16 21:45:45 PDT 2003

I thought I was trying to do something simple but I keep running into
problems.  This is the file I'm trying to convert to an mpeg format
for either a vcd or svcd:

	-bash-2.05b$ avinfo foo.avi 
	~10Mb, 00:01:33
	video: 640x386, 23.98 fps,  (DIVX), 807kbps
	audio: 44100, Mono, ISO/MPEG Layer3, 92kbps
	Software: MEncoder 0.90rc5-2.95.4 
	Codec information:
	Signature:  (DIVX)
	Name: DivX

I think I almost have it with transcode:

-bash-2.05b$ transcode -i foo.avi -x divx,mp3 -V -y mpeg -F 1,1 -E 44100 -b 224 -o bar.mpg
transcode v0.6.4.20030325 (C) 2001-2003 Thomas Östreich
[transcode] auto-probing source foo.avi (ok)
[transcode] V: import format    | DivX RIFF data, AVI (V=divx|A=mp3)
[transcode] V: import frame     | 640x386  1.66:1  
[transcode] V: bits/pixel       | 0.304
[transcode] V: encoding fps     | 23.976
[transcode] V: Y'CbCr           | YV12/I420
[transcode] A: import format    | 0x55    MPEG layer-3 [44100,16,1]   92 kbps
[transcode] A: export format    | 0x50    MPEG layer-2 [44100,16,1]  224 kbps
[transcode] A: bytes per frame  | 3678 (3678.678679)
[transcode] A: adjustment       | 680 at 1000
[transcode] V: IA32 accel mode  | 3dnow (3dnow mmx asm)
[transcode] V: video buffer     | 10 @ 640x386
[] v0.1.1 (2001-10-10) (audio) MPEG
[] v0.2.5 (2002-10-10) (video) DivX;-)/XviD/OpenDivX/DivX 4.xx/5.xx
[] v1.2.1 (2002-06-05) (video) MPEG 1/2 | (audio) MPEG 1 Layer II
[] MP3->PCM
[] tcextract -a 0 -i "foo.avi" -x mp3 -d 0 | tcdecode -x mp3 -d 0
[] Shared object "" not found
video import module error: OPEN failed
critical error: failed to open input source - exit
failed to init DivX 4.xx/5.xx 

I installed ports/multimedia/libdivxdecore as well as ports/multimedia/linux-divx4linux4 but to no avail as it still cannot
find .  I've also rebuilt transcode after installing 

Anyone have any suggestions on solving this ... or even a different
method of converting an avi to an mpeg usable for (s)vcd ?



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