Linux port of the Brooktree Soundchip drivers

Roger Hardiman roger at
Fri May 16 09:30:26 PDT 2003

Hi there

> I've ported the Linux msp3400.c driver to FreeBSD.  Gerd Knorr, the
> author of the Linux driver agreed to release this driver under a BSD
> Licence, so it should be possible to commit it to the tree.


> The Linux driver, however, always worked as expected, and instead of
> trying to fix the code we currently have, which is a bit hackish already
> now, I decided to just port the Linux driver.

I agree, that is a good idea.

> This code does all detection routines you can find in the specs of the
> MSP34xx chips, so it should work out of the box.  Indeed I can have stereo
> sound on all my German channels here, and it also correctly detects
> bilingual or mono modes while keeping the same channel (that's what the
> kernel thread is for).


> If you have had problems with your bktr sound in the past, or if you
> just want to help me debug any problems with my port, please try the
> following patch:
> I'm looking forward to any kind of reports, success or bug reports.
> Once I have a well working version, I hope Roger is going to merge
> in this code.


I only have -current on my work laptop, so I cannot actually test it
on -current.
Hopefully all this works on 4.x too which is what my desktops run.


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