Extracting from a .bin file

Andrew Sparrow spadger at spadger.best.vwh.net
Mon May 5 14:41:50 PDT 2003

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 04:36:20PM -0400, Randy Pratt wrote:
> > Randy Pratt <rpratt1950 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >  > They're about 800M so its not a trivial download.  Unfortunately I
> >  > don't have any 800M CDR's on hand or I could try the burning it
> >  > and playing it as Andy suggested.
> Oliver Fromme <olli at secnetix.de> wrote:
>  > Aren't 80min CD-Rs pretty much standard nowadays?
>  > I haven't bought a 74min CD-R for years.
> Perhaps I should have said 90Min (800M).  None of my local sources
> carry those so I will probably order a spindle of them.

Uhh, the whole point of the XCD format is that, as the movie formats
used already have some ECC capability (apparently), they dispense
with the per-sector CRC check.

Instead of writing 2048-bytes per sector with CRC, they write 2352
bytes per sector with no CRC (in exactly the same way as CDDA Orange
Book data is written - aka regular audio CD). The first track on
the CD image is actually used to hold backups of critical parts of
the file format or something.

Anyway, this means that you can fit >800MB on regular 80min CDR/CDRW
media (which are advertised/labelled as 700MB, because that's how
much they hold of 2048-byte-per-sector data).



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