Extracting from a .bin file

Andy Sparrow spadger at best.com
Sat May 3 00:33:50 PDT 2003

> <multimedia newbie alert!>
> I've had fair successes in dealing with some of the more common formats
> like avi, mpg, etc.  However, I've ran into one that I don't have a
> clue how to proceed.
> Its a movie.bin file and I would like to extract the movie from it. 
> The .bin file contains these formats:
> 	Audio Format.........: OGG Vorbis
> 	Audio Bitrate........: ~126kbps (VBR) 2 Channels (0.400 Quality)
> 	Hz...................: 48,000
> 	Video Format.........: XVID

I don't know if this is right/the same thing, but the only .bin file I've ever seen was a CD image generated with something like Roxio.

Couldn't do jack with it until I found a program called 'bin2iso' which allowed me to convert it to an ISO image I could mount/burn etc. The Linux binary ran fine under emulation, although the code is kind of light on parameter checking 'n stuff (you can make it dump core really easily, IIRC), but it did the job on the .bin file for me.

I'm sure there'll be a later version around than the one I still have from last year, but let me know if you can't find one. 




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