[request] noteedit, fluidsynt

Marco Molteni molter at tin.it
Fri May 2 01:24:15 PDT 2003

ciao Mauro,

if I understand correctly you are asking for somebody to do the port
for you? ;-)

A few suggestions:

Have a look at the porter's handbook
that explains how to port a piece of software to FreeBSD.

If you get stuck, I think you should try ports at freebsd.org, as that is
the mailing list for ports-related questions.

If you expect somebody to help you, you should be as precise as
possible describing your problems. You just said "I failed". This is
not what I would call a detailed bug report... :-)

There is also an italian fbsd user group and mailing lists, at


mauro wrote [2003-05-02]:

> I'm new to freeBSD and I am enthusiast of it expecially of yhe ports system, 
> easy and powerfull.
> but I miss some application I used daily on linux
> Is this the right place for requests?
> I tried to compile fluidsynth [http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/fluid/] but 
> I failed, it has been ported to win and macOS so I thought it were simple...
> the same for noteedit 
> [http://rnvs.informatik.tu-chemnitz.de/~jan/noteedit/noteedit.html] 
> the best GPLed software for music notation: it is based on TSE 
> [http://tse3.sourceforge.net/] that is also said to be very portable!

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