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Mon Jun 30 18:27:55 PDT 2003

This is an automatic answer.

Sorry, due to the large quantity of SPAM and VIRUS email that we receive, we do not accept email other than PLAIN TEXT using standard ASCII character set.

The email that you sent us was DISCARDED because it was not a PLAIN TEXT email (it probably contained HTML) or it contained a VIRUS or non-ASCII characters.

We do NOT accept HTML email! Please send us PLAIN TEXT email ONLY (attachements OK except viruses!).
Please do not use color or any other sort of text formatting in your email.
If you use hotmail, disable the RTF formating tool.

If you use Yahoo mail, select Plain (not Colors and Graphics).

If you use Outlook Express, select "Plain text" in the "Format" menu or better, set the preferences of your email program to send only Plain Text email.

If you have questions about PocketTV, please check the FAQ at

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