Problems playing certain wav files

Lucas Wilcox lucasw at
Mon Jun 23 05:32:07 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 03:27:24PM -0700, Ken Marx wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> Sorry for the delay getting back to you. My friend, Julian,
> just brought his laptop in today.
No problem.

> Sorry for this, but we have a new dimension in behavior space:
> On his 5.0 box neither your beep nor my converted beep file
> plays. Not only this, but waveplay doesn't even exit!
> Running under truss, we see it hang on a call to exit().
I do not see this on 4.8, wavplay just exits quickly.
> Longer files do play fine. So it appears that for small
> files the device never flushes. Didn't do any checking
> to see what this hypothesized data limit might be.
I see this similar behavior on 4.8.  In general the small files are the
ones that do not play.  I too a small file that would not play
%wavplay KDE_Beep_Beep.wav       
 Pathname:       KDE_Beep_Beep.wav
 Device:         /dev/audio
 Sampling Rate:  7418 Hz
 Mode:           Mono
 Samples:        1034
 Bits:           8

Then I added about 3 seconds of silence using sweep and the following
file did play with sox play and wavplay
%wavplay KDE_Beep_Beep2.wav 
Pathname:       KDE_Beep_Beep2.wav
Device:         /dev/audio
Sampling Rate:  7418 Hz
Mode:           Mono
Samples:        23046
Bits:           8

So it looks to me like a size problem too.  I am thinking about looking
at the driver and seeing what is going on.  I have no experience with
drivers but wrote a little c in school we will see how far it goes.


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