Fwd: Portable MP3 players

Louis A. Mamakos louie at TransSys.COM
Sun Jun 22 12:58:00 PDT 2003


I recently got an iRiver iFP-390T MP3 player device.  (For more 
information, see http://www.iriver.com for the details.)  By default,
this device connects to a Windoze system and uses their "manager"
application to load files, etc.  They also have an alternative version of
firmware that you can download (called "UMS") that has the device
appear to be a generic USB storage device.  It works without any
quirks or changes with FreeBSD-4.8.  You must mount it as an
MSDOS filesystem and off you go.

I got mine in the US at Best Buy.  (256MB for US$200.00)


> On 22-Jun-2003 Jason Andresen wrote:
> >> I was in Radio Shack the other day, and inquired with one of the
> >> salesmen about their portable MP3 players (neither of them RIOs).  As
> >> he explained it, once connected to a PC, they appear as a standard
> >> external USB storage device.  Is this correct?  If so, does that mean
> >> one could simply 'cp' files over to the device and have them actually
> >> work?
> > 
> > That sounds good, although it is possible that you have to install some 
> > windows specific driver to get that to work.
> Yes, that's one of the things I'm worried about.  :-)
> > In FreeBSD you're might to have to make a quirk for it (most likely the 
> > no_6_byte quirk in my experiance) unless someone else in FreeBSD land 
> > already bought one of them.
> I'm not familiar with the "no_6_byte quirk" thing.  Is this a known common
> problem with these machines?
> I'm fairly adept at hacking, so I'm sure I could work up something, as long
> as I know what I'm targeting.
> > Either way, I'd keep the recipt in case you can't get it to work.
> For sure.  :-)
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