cdparanoia port and SCSI CD

ZahemszkyGábor Gabor at
Sun Jun 22 06:39:59 PDT 2003


Are there anybody out there, who can use the cdparanoia port with a SCSI
CD-ROM?  I've got a Toshiba, and a Yamaha CD-ROM on an Adaptec controller,
but neither the Toshiba, nor the Yamaha works with cdparanoia.  (I can grab
with tosha/cdda2wav.)

Eg: on the Yamaha, I get:

/home/zgabor $ cdparanoia -vsQ
cdparanoia III release 9.8 (March 23, 2001)
(C) 2001 Monty <monty at> and Xiphophorus
FreeBSD porting (c) 2003
        Simon 'corecode' Schubert <corecode at>
Report bugs to paranoia at
Checking /dev/cd0c for cdrom...
CDROM model sensed: YAMAHA CRW8824S 1.00
Checking for ATAPICAM...
        Drive is SCSI
Checking for MMC style command set...
        Drive is MMC style
004: Unable to read table of contents header
Unable to open disc.  Is there an audio CD in the drive?
/home/zgabor $

Of course, there _is_ an audio CD in  the drive.

	Zahy < Gabor at Zahemszky dot HU >

Z='21N16I25C25E30, 40M30E33E25T15U!' ;IFS=' ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ';set $Z ;for i { [[ $i = ? ]]&&print $i&&break;[[ $i = ??? ]]&&j=$i&&i=${i%?};typeset -i40 i=8#$i;print -n ${i#???};[[ "$j" = ??? ]]&&print -n "${j#??} "&&j=;typeset +i i;};IFS=' 0123456789 ';set $Z;for i { [[ $i = , ]]&&i=2;[[ $i = ?? ]]||typeset -l i;j="$j $i";typeset +l i;};print "$j"

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