Linux Realplayer esound support and dependencies

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Fri Jun 20 00:38:08 PDT 2003

Having recently started to use the native esound daemon (esound-0.2.29) on
my up-to-date -STABLE x86 box, attempting to start realplayer
(linux-realplayer-8.cs2_3) gives an unsurprising error about the audio
device being in use.

Digging through the realplayer config I noticed the esound support and
turned it to see what it would do and found it did nothing, though it was
trying to find libesd.

After catching and killing a few wild geese, I installed the linux version
of esound (linux-esound-0.2.22_2) and its missing libaudiofile dependency
(linux-libaudiofile-0.1.11_2) and everything works automagically.

Would it be a good idea to make linux-esound a dependency of
linux-realplayer, perhaps optionally?

Could someone fix the linux-libaudiofile dependency?

Patches below. Let me know if you want me to file PRs.

diff -ruN linux-esound.nolibaudiofile/Makefile linux-esound/Makefile
--- linux-esound.nolibaudiofile/Makefile        Thu Feb 27 04:20:18 2003
+++ linux-esound/Makefile       Fri Jun 20 03:23:02 2003
@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@
 MAINTAINER=    taoka at
 COMMENT=       RPM of esound
+RUN_DEPENDS=    /compat/linux/usr/lib/${PORTSDIR}/audio/linux-libaudiofile
 RPM_SET=       esound-${PORTVERSION}-1.${MACHINE_ARCH}.rpm
 .include "../../x11-toolkits/linux-gtk/Makefile"

diff -ruN linux-realplayer.noesound/Makefile linux-realplayer/Makefile
--- linux-realplayer.noesound/Makefile  Thu Jun 19 05:14:45 2003
+++ linux-realplayer/Makefile   Fri Jun 20 03:32:15 2003
@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@
 COMMENT=       Linux RealPlayer 8.0 from RealNetworks
 EXTRACT_DEPENDS=       rpm2cpio:${PORTSDIR}/archivers/rpm2cpio
-RUN_DEPENDS=   /compat/linux/lib/${PORTSDIR}/emulators/linux_base
+RUN_DEPENDS=   /compat/linux/lib/${PORTSDIR}/emulators/linux_base \
+               /compat/linux/usr/lib/${PORTSDIR}/audio/linux-esound
 MAINDIST=      rp${PORTVERSION:R}_linux20_libc6_i386_${PORTVERSION:E}_rpm
 UPDATEDIST=    rv9_libc6_i386_cs2.tgz

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