MIDI testers wanted

Mathew Kanner mat at cnd.mcgill.ca
Fri Jun 13 11:36:31 PDT 2003

	I've had a surprising response, mostly of people needing
instructions on how to install.  So I've update the snapshot to
include the attached readme.

	Also, Yuriy Tsibizov has reported some success with an Audigy
card so that may be usable via his driver.


Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: Well, I think so Brain, but balancing a family, and a career?
Ooh, it's all too much for me.
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This is an experimental sequencer.  There are many sections that are
completely missing (like midimapper, take a look if you don't believe

The module currently assumes 1 sequencer, 1 midi port.  It probably
won't work any other way.

What works:
	I can use playmidi from the ports or midiplay (included) to
play most midi files I've found so far on an external Yamaha keyboard.
I use a DB15 (joystick+midi) -> midiin / midiout/ joystick cable.  It
cost me $20 (canadian) and is a generic product.
	Kldload'ing and kldunload'ing seems to work.
	For fun and games, playmidi in the ports can be hacked to do
some interesting things.

Included soundcard drivers

	Anything that was supported in 5.1 using snd_cmi or

Installation & Testing

0/ Use FreeBSD 5-x
1/ Backup snd_cmi.ko and snd_emu10k1.ko in /boot/kernel
2/ untar midi2-xxx
3/ cd midi2/mod
4/ make
5/ make install
6/ cd ../emu
7/ make
8/ make install
9/ cd ../cmi
10/ make
11/ make install
12/ kldload snd_emu10k1 OR kldload snd_cmi
13/ cd ../midiplay
14/ make
15/ ./midiplay -x -f /dev/music0  (plays a midi file internal to
         	midiplay, used for testing).
16/ ./midiplay -f /dev/music0 ~/eminem-thewayiam.mid

	Probably lots.  Please report them to mat at cnd.mcgill.ca

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