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Fri Jun 6 11:19:46 PDT 2003

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	Alex.Wilkinson at writes:
> Can anyone recommend a cdda->mp3 ripper that can access:
> doesn't seem to have the smarts to do this.

Really?! Ripit-2.0 contains:

$CDDB_HOST      = "";  # set cddb host
$CDDB_PORT      = 8880;                 # set cddb port
$CDDB_MODE      = "cddb";               # set cddb mode: cddb or http
$CDDB_INPUT     = 1;                    # 1 ask user if multiple CDs found,
                                        # 0 no interaction

I've yet to have a CD's contents not be found/displayed; is this where it
fails you?

Note that the Perl module CDDB_get is required - Do you have it installed?



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