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> That's a lot of acronyms -- anyone care to explain to me what
> IOMMU, PIP, DTRT, and ISTM are?  And what is a video sink?

PIP: Picture In Picture
DTRT: Do The Right Thing
ISTM: It Seems That Maybe (guessed!)
IOMMU: Input/Output Memory Management Unit (guessed!)
video sink: a "target" which consumes video data (opposed to: video
source, a "thing" which creates video data)

> John-Mark, could you clarify your concept of the kernel/
> userland split for a new video API?  More particularly, what
> parts would be handled by the kernel and how do you envision
> the userland interacting with that part?  Are we talking about
> creating a new device node (a la v4l) or a new way of interacting
> with existing device nodes?

As I understand the topic: he thinks about something like v4l/v4l2, but
better (and more generic which maybe can be named video4unix...).
The interaction with the device nodes is part of the userland.


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