Problems playing certain wav files

Jason Andresen jandrese at
Thu Jul 3 07:40:11 PDT 2003

Ken Marx wrote:

> Hi Lucas,
> Sorry for the delay getting back to you. My friend, Julian,
> just brought his laptop in today.
> Sorry for this, but we have a new dimension in behavior space:
> On his 5.0 box neither your beep nor my converted beep file
> plays. Not only this, but waveplay doesn't even exit!
> Running under truss, we see it hang on a call to exit().
> Longer files do play fine. So it appears that for small
> files the device never flushes. Didn't do any checking
> to see what this hypothesized data limit might be.
> Likely a 5.0 thing? Sorry couldn't be more helpful.

This almost sounds like another face to the "end of the sound is 
clipped" problem that Newpcm has always had.  It used to be that on very 
small files (interface sounds and whatnot, you just wouldn't hear 
anything.  I guess the new card sends an interrupt back when it's done 
playing the sound or something that tells FreeBSD that it can let the 
program using the soundcard finish shutting down.

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