Problem converting avi-->mpeg2-->svcd

Randy Pratt rpratt1950 at
Tue Dec 30 19:21:19 PST 2003

I've ran into this issue more times than I can count and still have not
figured out a way to work around it.

I successfully create mpeg2 (using transcode) from avi files but when 
I use vcdimager, it ignores part of the data stream:

++ WARN: mpeg scan: pack header code (0x000001ba) expected, but 0xb18901ba found (buflen = 2324)
++ WARN: bad packet at packet #307262 (stream byte offset 714076888) -- remaining 14541268 bytes of stream will be ignored

Of course, it would result in an incomplete video.

I've tried correcting the errors with "vcdgear -mpg2mpg -fix" but 
it usually doesn't work.

Anyone have any suggestions for either fixing the errors or perhaps
another application that would create bin/cue images from mpeg2?



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