The latest WINE and /dev/mixer*

Jason jason at
Thu Dec 25 13:37:46 PST 2003

Travis Poppe wrote:

>I've recently been playing Max Payne on FreeBSD 5.2-RC with the latest WINE (works like a charm, very minor glitches.)
>However, sound does not work, nor does it work on any other game I've tried. WINE spits out this message, and I believe this has something to do with why sound doesn't work:
>err:wave:OSS_WaveOutInit /dev/mixer0: can't read info!
>err:wave:OSS_WaveOutInit /dev/mixer1: can't read info!
>err:wave:OSS_WaveInInit /dev/mixer0: can't read info!
>err:wave:OSS_WaveInInit /dev/mixer1: can't read info!
>I actually hacked some of the code to get it to point to /dev/mixer0 instead of /dev/mixer, which didn't help, anyway.
>My permissions are good to go as well.
>Any ideas?
>Travis Poppe
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Great to hear.  I am so sick of dual booting with win98 to play blizzard 
games and shadowbane.  Today windows won't even boot, I tried  at least 
10 times, did 2 scandiskes in safe mode, and the install is only used 
for games and is 2-3 months old!  As soon as I have time I plan on 
getting wine and updating to 5.2.  I am going to be so happen when I no 
longer need to dual boot.
You may want to install winex next to wine.  Winex is a customed 
tailered version for windows games. For more info check

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