FreeBSD 4.9 Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 Driver Patch

John-Mark Gurney gurney_j at
Tue Dec 16 22:07:58 PST 2003

Robert Watson wrote this message on Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 21:24 -0500:
> > You get a commiter (like me) to take interest in your work, and work
> > with you to make it committable and get it committed..  I haven't taken
> > a look at the driver yet, but at a minimum it'll need to be brought up
> > to 5.x (newbus) rev... 
> I noticed from the original post that some firmware magic is required.
> Will we need to distribute firmware files, and if so, what sort of
> licensing implications are there?

I think that there are ways around the firmware issue, like not
distributing it with FreeBSD, but have someone who has the card make
it available for "those who already own the card" or something similar.
If we want to look at distributing the firmware, possibly a simple
request could solve the problem.

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