mplayer -tv with bsdbt848

Steve Roome stephen_roome at
Fri Dec 5 19:10:12 PST 2003

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 08:28:52PM +0100, Espen Jervidalo wrote:
> hi list,
> i have been trying to get mplayer working with my Hauppauge WinTV
> card without success, although it works fine with xawtv and fxtv.
> the command i think should be right is as follows (but i've tried
> almost any other combination):
> mplayer -tv on:driver=bsdbt848:norm=paln:chanlist=europe-west:input=1

How about something like...

 mplayer  -tv on:input=1:chanlist=europe-west:driver=bsdbt848:channel=S22 -vo x11

(without the norm=paln bit. )

I found mplayer does seem to be so slow with full size PAL that I will
generally run with width and height set to half-size instead. Also my
tuner seems to default to being the right format (It's a
hauppage/pinnacle/miro "pctv" board) but I'm in England.

Also, you might be able to use -vo aa and stream it over a compressed
(e.g ssh) connection to impress your cow-orkers. In my experience
people are usually quite surprised to find you watching telly in the
office. from home.

In the end I've written my own tv viewing program instead. It's not
good, but it doesn't do overlay, just does straight XImages and never
ever causes my hardware to crash, which after having 5 different TV
cards in FreeBSD for a long time (since 2.x) I've found everything
else does cause crashes occasionally. (I think it's overlay or Xv or
something ?)

Of course, YMMV. :)


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