If you want to keep mailing list freebsd-mozilla at freebsd.org, speak up!

Florian Smeets flo at smeets.im
Sat Jul 6 09:47:35 UTC 2013

As we did not get any feedback indicating that the list is still
required, this list will be deleted on 20.07.2013.


On 19.06.13 01:48, Florian Smeets wrote:
> I apologize for the off-topic post, but the mailing list
> freebsd-mozilla at freebsd.org has been suggested as a candidate for
> retirement, as the few legitimate posts it has received in the last
> several months have generated little (if any) response.
> If no valid reasons for retaining the list are expressed to
> <postmaster at freebsd.org> within 2 weeks, postmaster@ will initiate
> the "retirement process" for the list (which involves at least one
> more warning sent to the list, with a second 2-week timeout-for
> response).
> If you have any concerns about this, please express them as clearly
> as possible to <postmaster at freebsd.org> as soon as possible.  Please
> note that Reply-To has been set on this message for your convenience.
> Keep in mind that all the discussion regarding the Mozilla software
> takes place on the public maintainer list freebsd-gecko at freebsd.org.
> Florian

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