mozilla / seamonkey -- unable to install forecastfox for a regular user

martinko martinkov at
Wed May 17 15:09:45 UTC 2006

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> martinko <martinkov at> writes:
>> since i discovered forecastfox extension i've been trying and unable to
>> install it on freebsd.  i've tried many times different versions of
>> mozilla suite and seamonkey now but to no avail.  i can install it for
>> root if the browser is run by root but when i try to install it as a
>> regular user the installation is canceled sometime in the end (that is
>> the extension is downloaded, maybe installation begin and then a window
>> displays a message saying installation canceled).  this has been the
>> case since freebsd 5.3 or 5.4, now i'm running 6.1.
>> does someone know how to solve this pls ??
>> any other thoughts or suggestions pls ??
> It's finicky about versions, but it certainly works fine with Firefox 1.5...

hello lowell,

i don't think this has anything to do with versions.
i have tried many versions of forecastfox from on 
several 1.7.x versions of mozilla and i have tried it on the same 
versions of mozilla on freebsd and gentoo and winxp. it worked ok 
everytime and everywhere except on freebsd.
therefore i suspect there might be an issue in freebsd mozilla/seamonkey 
port or an issue in forecastfox that is run into on freebsd only.

what do you say? or am i missing something here?

many thanks,


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