Mozilla crash under 5.3-BETA 1

TooManySecrets toomany at
Mon Sep 6 23:01:37 PDT 2004


Because I don't find any about this, here it is my problem:

FreeBSD 5.3-BETA2 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA2 #1: Sun Sep  5
11:28:34 CEST 2004    
root at  i386

xorg-6.7.0_1        X.Org distribution metaport
xorg-clients-6.7.0_4 X client programs and related files from X.Org
xorg-documents-6.7.0 Documentation of X11 protocol and libraries from
xorg-fonts-100dpi-6.7.0 X.Org 100dpi bitmap fonts
xorg-fonts-75dpi-6.7.0 X.Org 75dpi bitmap fonts
xorg-fonts-cyrillic-6.7.0 X.Org Cyrillic bitmap fonts
xorg-fonts-encodings-6.7.0 X.Org font encoding files
xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps-6.7.0 X.Org miscellaneous bitmap fonts
xorg-fonts-truetype-6.7.0 X.Org TrueType fonts
xorg-fonts-type1-6.7.0 X.Org Type1 fonts
xorg-fontserver-6.7.0 X font server from X.Org
xorg-libraries-6.7.0_1 X11 libraries and headers from X.Org
xorg-nestserver-6.7.0 Nesting X server from X.Org
xorg-printserver-6.7.0 X Print server from X.Org
xorg-server-6.7.0_6 X.Org X server and related programs
xorg-vfbserver-6.7.0 X virtual framebuffer server from X.Org

NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-1.0-6113 drivers installed.

Attach to this e-mail, my "dmesg output".

When I attempt to run "mozilla", from a xterm for example, I can see

(19:38:36 <~>) 0 $ mozilla
Error: No running window found.
Segmentation fault

How can I help? When I executed (I'm a very newbie) "gdb
/path/mozilla-bin /path/mozilla.core", the messages say any like "no
debbuging symbols found"...

The "firefox" program run very well. 

Thank you!!

Have a nice day ;-)

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