Curious linuxpluginwrapper observation

Henry E. Thorpe thorpe at
Wed Apr 7 09:20:41 PDT 2004

Norikatsu, all;

I just upgraded to 4.9-stable, gnome 2.6, and added linuxpluginwrapper
for mozilla 1.6 (with the rtld patch to /usr/src).

When I enabled the new /etc/libmap.conf, the fontmetrics in Mozilla
were all off, as if fontconfig weren't installed.  Menu fonts were
ridiculously small, 12 pt fonts were being rendered as if the
resolution was wrong on the desktop, etc.

On a whim, (after toggling libmap.conf on and off a few times to make
sure that was causing the weird font sizes), I installed the
linux-fontconfig port.

And the fonts were back to normal, even with the linuxpluginwrapper
enabling flash6 and acrobat.

This implies, to me, that Mozilla is now using the Linux version of
the fontconfig libraries instead of the native FreeBSD version...

Is that possible?

				Henry (who now has Flash 6 on FreeBSD)

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