mozilla 1.3,2 locking up hard

michael probsd at
Sat Apr 5 06:33:15 PST 2003

I just updated my source tree and saw quite a few of the gnome ports
needed updating and did so. I also saw that mozilla ( freebsd native )
was upgraded to 1.3,2, so I did that as well. While I was at it, used
portupgrade -rf to reinstall all of the XFree86-4.3.0,1 ports as well
including Xft. In addition, I used portupgrade -rf to rebuild every
port that is linked to X. However, mozilla 1.3,2 is locking up very
hard. I removed all plugins except the stock null plugin and that
still did nothing. So far, highlighting a URL and trying to backspace
over it locks it up, as well as going to edit, preferences and trying
to change the default page.  Is this a known issue?


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