Thinkpad T510: LAN? CPU-C3?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Mon Mar 29 18:58:32 UTC 2010

On 03/29/2010 18:22, Rui Paulo wrote:
> On 29 Mar 2010, at 15:56, Rui Paulo wrote:
>> On 29 Mar 2010, at 11:21, Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
>>> I would like to use FreeBSD on a Thinkpad T510. I installed 8-STABLE (since iwn got 6000 support after 8.0-RELEASE).
>>> *** Not working: (Any ideas?)
>>> - LAN: The Intel ethernet card (class=0x020000 card=0x215317aa chip=0x10ea8086 rev=0x06 hdr=0x00) is not working.
>> This seems an Intel card. Which Linux driver do you use to get this working?
> Actually, this seems to be supported by if_em(4).

I guess it should be E1000_DEV_ID_PCH_M_HV_LM, which is in e1000_hw.h 
and there is "case E1000_DEV_ID_PCH_M_HV_LM" in e1000_api.c, but nothing 
in if_em.c for 8-STABLE. Revision 200243 has brought it to CURRENT on 
Dec-8, but that one did not get MFCed to 8-STABLE. I wonder if that was 
on purpose. (I put jfv@ on Cc, who did the commit.)

>>> - CPU-C3: No C3 (dev.cpu.0.cx_supported: C1/3 C2/245) for i7-620M. Battery life will not be good without C3, and Turbo Boost will not work either. (Apparently, Linux got C3 support on a quick boot with a live CD.)
>> Did you try removing the power cord? Sometimes C3 is hidden and only shows up when the power cord is unplugged.

(I definitely should have put in the battery before pulling the power 

Unplugging the power while running FreeBSD does not change the sysctl. 
Or would I have to boot on battery? That would severely restrict the 
use. (I will try that later.)

Turbo Boost requires C3 and is not a feature that is typically used on 

Thanks for your help,
Jan Henrik

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