FreeBSD 7: i386 or AMD64 install ??

Jesús Casquero jcasquero at
Mon Jun 9 10:26:47 UTC 2008

Thanks very much!. I will install the 32bit version.

2008/6/9 Manolis Kiagias <sonicy at>:
> Jesús Casquero wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>>  I have a question about FreeBSD 7. I have a new laptop (HP Pavillion
>> 6600 series) whose principal function will be programming (Ruby on
>> rails) and a little multimedia and CD,DVD toasting stuff.
>>  I have seen there is a FreeBSD/amd64 Project which covers the
>> FreeBSD port to AMD's AMD64 and Intel 64 architecture [1]. The laptop
>> has an Intel Core Duo T8100, 64 bits, processor and 3 GB of memory.
>>  Should I install this version or should I switch to the 386 version
>> ? I am looking for good stability compiling with Ruby and enough
>> support of the main devices: Intel Pro 3945 wireless card (through wpi
>> I have read), nvidia driver, etc. These last tips are done with basic
>> funcionality.
>>  Is there something that it I have to bear in mind? I have searched
>> the list before posting but I have not found anything definitive
>> Thanks very much in advance.
>> Regards
>> Jesus.
>> [1]
> I have a more or less similar laptop.
> Notice you will get stuck with the open source "nv" driver. There is no
> proprietary nvidia driver for amd64. This will definitely slow down your X
> experience.
> The 3945 wireless works, although it does have some random problems
> (disconnects, error messages etc.). I suggest you do a test install and see
> how it goes. You may have other problems (e.g. ACPI related). CD/DVD burning
> should be no problem, and mplayer will probably cover your multimedia needs.
> But better test and see.
> You could also definitely install the 32bit version which will give you best
> X performance.

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