Toshiba Satelite U305 WiFi/net/acpi problem

Zoran Kolic zkolic at
Mon Jun 2 14:00:54 UTC 2008

> I have toshiba notebook (U305-S5107) with I4965AGN Wifi and RTL8139 
> network adapters.
> When i boot my notebook with ACPI enabled - i have no network support, 
> none of controllers appears in ifconfig output, but when i'm booting 
> with ACPI disabled - i can use re0 (with some strange looses in RX 
> traffic, but it is another story) but completley have no chance to use 
> my WiFi.

This ethernet device should be handled by rl. Not a good adapter,
but you have no choice now.

> I4965AGN is handled by iwn(4), not by ipw(4) nor by iwi(4).  The iwn driver
> is currently only available in FreeBSD CURRENT ("8.0") branch.

Or you could pick some pcmcia card for the start. Latter,
the intel adapter would come to os version you use.


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