suspend/resume issues on ThinkPad T41 under 5.2.1-RELEASE

Dan Langille dan at
Mon Jun 14 04:12:21 GMT 2004

On 13 Jun 2004 at 20:51, Randy Bush wrote:

> > killall dhclient, route flush, ifconfig em0 down
> perhaps the route -n flush should come after getting 
> em0 down.  and, before downing it, i also 
>    ifconfig em0
> so nothing is sticky

That worked better for me. "route -n flush" was instantaneous.

To recap, I am trying this:

kill -TERM `cat /var/run/`
ifconfig em0
ifconfig em0 down
route -n flush
ifconfig em0 up
dhclient em0

> then, to kick it off, i can 
>    dhclient em0 ath0

This is where I have trouble still.  /var/log/messages is showing 
three items related to em0:

dhclient: send_packet: Network is down

The above repeats several times, then:

em0: The EEPROM Checksum Is Not Valid
em0: Unable to initialize the hardware
dhclient: New IP Address (em0):
dhclient: New Subnet Mask (em0):
dhclient: New Broadcast Address (em0):
dhclient: New Routers:

Yet, ifconfig em0 shows no IP address and no mask....  Attempts to 
manually set the em0 IP address result in the checksum error messages 
shown above.

I am confused by this.

I know that the the solution, at boot time, to this issue is to add 
the following to /boot/loader.conf:


But I have no idea how to solve this at resume time.
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