3Com 3CRPAG175 supported by ath driver?

Dylan Wylie d.wylie at hccnet.nl
Fri Apr 2 13:49:57 PST 2004

Hi there Josef,

That card works fine for me under -CURRENT with the ath driver.
I have only one issue, but I can't imagine that it is related to the 3com card itself:
Though I get the card to associate with the acces point with WEP enabled, no data 
seems to get through. With WEP dissabled all is well. I posted this as a question 
some time back, but had no reponse. It may have something to do the open/shared 
key stuff, in which case it may verywell be the acces point which is acting-up. I still 
have to try another AP to narrow it down. This is a bit off-topic though.

About the XJACK thing, I think it is just the response of the system to the 
mechanical switch when the push-in the antena which has been questioned. I 
haven't tried that to see what happens recently. I'll try it to see what happens within 
the next couple of days, when I get my hands on it.

I can assure you therefor, the card works fine with the ath driver.
It's just the switch in the antena which, at worst, doesn't get through.
I could imagine at some point it may get tied in with the power control stuff in ath. 
Maybe it is already? Or maybe the card is simply reported removed? I'll try.


On 1 Apr 2004 at 16:56, Josef El-Rayes wrote:

> hi!
> i found the "3Com 3CRPAG175" listed on the
> ath(4) driver. i remembered someone telling
> me that 3com cards with XJACK-antennas do not
> work under freebsd so i am
> looking for someone who is running this card
> under freebsd, so i am sure i can order it.
> greets, josef
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