Intel 810 chipset has 892_KB_ of memory?

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Mon Sep 1 19:14:02 PDT 2003

>>>>> "Iain" == Iain Templeton <iain.templeton at> writes:

Iain> Ah, but this is less again, hmm this is strange.

Iain> Do you have a line in your XF86Config specifying the amount of
Iain> Video Ram?  I have one and haven't had any trouble with it at
Iain> all (other than the acceleration being broken and causing all
Iain> sorts of problems on virtual console switching - I've been
Iain> meaning to try a newer version).

Well... if I put 'VideoRam 32768' in the XFree86Config ... it seems to
ignore it.

Iain> Not a particularly helpful answer I suspect. Maybe try the
Iain> XFree86 people, I think it is more likely to be them than
Iain> FreeBSD.

Maybe, Although I'm leaning towards this all being something that the
ACPI DSDT can fix.


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