BCM5354 status (D-Link DIR-320)

Alexandr Rybalko ray at dlink.ua
Fri Apr 9 13:39:51 UTC 2010

On Fri, 09 Apr 2010 07:08:20 -0600 (MDT)
"M. Warner Losh" <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:

>> In message: <20100409134113.6c3b52f1.ray at dlink.ua>
>>             Alexandr Rybalko <ray at dlink.ua> writes:
>> : Hi,
>> : 
>> : If anyone is interested, completed work on a big chat DIR-320 with the profile of IPSec
>> : Firmware available here
>> : http://www.dlink.ua/files/products/ftp/pub/Router/DIR-320/firmware/A1/FreeBSD_D-Link_DIR-320_ipsec-router_9.0.2.img 
>> : Description read here http://wiki.ddteam.net/wiki.cgi?page=DIR-320+FreeBSD 
>> : Many thing's have not yet ready, but the device may
>> : already serve as IPSec router. 
>> : And all this in the 4M flash memory.
>> Wow!  That's really cool!  So many different profiles.  And all in 4MB
>> of flash.  I'm impressed.
>> Warner

Thanks, Warner.

I remember You are terminate your work on DIR-615, maybe time to continue? :)

I prepare small source tree expansion for making possible compile firmware`s in main source tree.
here it is http://my.ddteam.net/hg/BASE/file/35877b576562/head/release/boards/
(with small changes to other files, like /Makefile, /Makefile.inc,/share/mk/bsd.wn.mk etc. )

Have some small problems:
1. need to change `config` behavior to make possible store kernel configs not in arch/conf dir. 
	In my plains one device may have 4-5 different profiles ipsec,openvpn,wifi etc with different configs,
	so if we store all of this into arch/conf we be have long-long list of config/hints files. 
	Two files per profile X 4-5 Profiles per device X 5-10 devices on same chip X 
		20-30 chips on same family X 4-8 family per platform = 2 * 5 * 10 * 30 * 8 = 24000 files :)))))))
2. How to dial with external utilities like mkisofs, oldest lzma and so on?
	If it mkisofs we can install it from ports or pkg_add, but for CFE in my device we need very old lzma 
	that produce output different from newest versions.

Alexandr Rybalko <ray at dlink.ua> 
aka Alex RAY <ray at ddteam.net>

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