Video Turns Software Leads Into Buyers

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You have a state-of-the-art software application, but do your customers know it?<br />
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Bridge the gap between your latest software solutions and the end user with video.<br />
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PixelFish is a video production company that excels at producing high-quality videos that sell. Our talented and accomplished crew starts with a focused and innovative script to match your messaging needs.  We then hand off the approved script to our team of videographers who coordinate each and every detail to get the best footage. Experienced and savvy editors complete the final stages to produce the marketing or educational video that keeps you at the cutting edge of software development.<br />
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I have embedded a few samples of our work to the right. Click on the videos to see what we can do. We digitize our videos for optimal distribution over the web, via e-mail, CD-ROM and other popular media platforms.  We also provide the right tools for measuring the positive impact of each video investment instantly and around the clock.<br />
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Whether you are looking to train your customers on your latest application, promote your software, or simply create a software demonstration guide, PixelFish is your one-stop-shop for affordable video solutions for all types of purposes.  Call us today to begin the planning process of your video or to gather more information. You can reach us at 800.503.3020 or on our website at <br />
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We’d love to work with you to help turn your software leads into sales.<br />
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