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Wed Sep 20 01:44:09 PDT 2006

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   From this survey of the forces that stimulate the fragment at tion of 0ur
   knowledge @nd of the world the difficulty of the ta$k of world view
   construction emerges. The ultimate goal may not be to simply try to
   erase any variety of views. The pluralisation of our culture, the
   depth of the sciences and the arts achieved by specialists and
   specialisation are worthy accomplishments of our culture. We believe,
   however, that the fragmentation of our culture should be a starting
   point for a new effort at integration, one that explicitly takes into
   account these achievements. It is for this reason that the boundaries
   that have grown between the different isolated fragments must be
   removed and a new communication among these diverse specialisations
   must be created. The immense house that our world has become, in which
   many have lost their way, while others have concentrated so hard on
   the elaborate construction of just one of its many rooms, needs to be
   rebuilt and rearranged. We need to make new doors, and create a house
   where we all can feel at home.



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