David Johnson david at
Mon Oct 4 20:13:43 PDT 2004

On Monday 04 October 2004 04:27 am, Denis Peplin wrote:
> Hello!
> Look at bsdinstaller page:

This project is definitely shaping up!

A couple of months ago I said I would start working on a sysinstall 
replacement once I got some stuff "cleared off my plate". I said this 
because I wasn't seeing anyone working on a similar project. But now 
that someone is, and it seems to be going places, that "itch" is much 

So I'm going to announce I'm not going to start another project (whew!) 
and instead encourage people to help out the BSD Installer project. 
I'll start looking into that myself once I finish clearing off my plate 
(looming certification exam).

David Johnson

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